Visualize Your Business with Holograms

We harness the power of Holographic, Augmented & Mixed Reality to create meaningful applications for companies, organizations and individuals.

AR/MR brings your digital content into the real world, unlocking new insights and capabilities, enabling clearer communication, and higher confidence in decision making.

Customized AR/MR Solutions engage your customers through new, holographic creative processes of selection, decision, conversion, and intrigue.


A Solution Assessment

define client’s business objectives
define app user, UI requirements
define what needs to be visualized and how
define who will be creating the models
define integration requirements
define the desired business results of the app

B Project Execution

create project plan w deliverables and timelines
create the Spinteractive System w required components
create customization and integration elements
create 3D models
create testing and launch platform
create app availability in App Store or Google Play

C Upkeep and Updates

maintain catalog of 3D models
maintain metadata edits and updates
maintain the latest OS and hardware updates
maintain and upgrade app with latest technologies
maintain current APIs and third party integrations
maintain the best possible partner relationship


Faster decisions

Users select from available options
Customers decide what they like best

Enhanced brand

Associate your company with cool new technology
Even your kids will think you’re cool!

New Visual Commerce

Establish a sales channels
Customers can purchase straight from the app

New designs

Easily update apps with new products
Add new colors or finishes to an entire line

Reduced costs

Shorten your sales cycles
Extend your digital marketing channels

Competitive advantages

Make it easier for customers to buy from you
Get the sale before your competitor does

Microsoft HoloLens and Mixed Reality Experiences
enable deeper customer engagements and drive faster business decisions.